“Inject some old-school style into your wearable tech device.” - COMPLEX

“Marries the high-tech approach of the Apple Watch with the old school fashion of pocket watches and pendants” – ABC  NEWS

“A new accessory that turns the Apple Watch into an off-the-wrist piece of jewelry, making it more Sherlock Holmes than Inspector Gadget” - POPSUGAR
“Giving an air of timelessness to the modern-day wearable.” - HYPEBEAST
“We like the core idea: Stick your Apple Watch on the end of a chain, like a pocket watch or pendant, and rock your new-school iOS device in a very old-school way.” - Macworld
“It's easy to see how crazy popular these chains could become.” - BUSTLE
“Takes the modern functionality of a smartwatch and combines it with a classic aesthetic quality.” - TRENDHUNTER
“This stunning, classic design brings together the old and the new, and does so in quite a stylish and rather eye-catching fashion.” - STUPIDDOPE