Behind #GoodSport

If you've followed us for a while, you've probably come across our #GoodSport hashtag. What's this all about and what does it have to do with our Apple Watch band?

#GoodSport not only drives the messaging behind our Sport collection, it is the heart of our brand - an encapsulation of our values and passion. Good Sport speaks to the power of Sports to go beyond bringing pleasure and enjoyment to our lives. Sports can transform. The lessons of sportsmanship are carried from our childhood teams into our everyday interactions as humans. This is what excites us. The everyday people doing everyday good things are our #GoodSport heroes. 

Our #GoodSport feature highlights the people that inspire us to play hard and play fair, in sports and in life. We kicked it off with @naomiosaka whose talent is matched only by her character. Naomi uses her platform to spread awareness of racial injustice, drawing attention to the stories of seven Black lives recently lost at the hands of police brutality. "I wanted more people to say more names,” Osaka said following her US Open victory. “The point is to make people start talking." 

Play hard. Play Fair. Stay tuned for more #GoodSport.


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