Style as Resistance: JIDENNA

Nigerian-American recording artist and producer, Jidenna, is more than just another pretty face. Known for his substance, style, elegance and unapologetic self-expression, Jidenna has been called "a beacon of hope" for our generation.

Jidenna's "genre-hopping" debut album, "The Chief" has blown up since its release a few weeks ago. From The New York Times: "Jidenna is defying categorization at every turn; his musical range is impressive and thoughtful."

So, aside from the Bucardo crew playing "The Chief" on repeat, where do Jidenna and Bucardo cross paths?

Check out the beginning of Jidenna's BAMBI for some amazing pocket watch action:

The Bucardo gold pinstripe pocket watch accessory for the Apple Watch - a reflection of the fashion of the times chosen by a true trendsetter. 


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